A collection of one line bash commands.

Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.

fasthardwp is a script that installs an WordPress using bash on cPanel servers and then autooptimizes and hardens the install against security threats.

Various collection of scripts to perform tasks with MySQL.

Nodirect renames local apache and php configurations in order to troubleshoot sites with configuration and redirect problems.

peachpii is a script which installs php.ini files from the system configuration to the document root of a website.

sslnstall is a script which automatically installs Comodo SSLs with the Comodo Reseller API for cPanel's UAPI.

tektewl is a web application to help workflow with all-in-one domain / dns checks, SSL checks, benchmarking, and mail testing for a given domain. tektewl runs on top of the Materialize API and uses PHP and iframes to combine popular web tools.

tmail is a script which can test email quality of service to aol, gmail, hotmail, outlook, and yahoo.

Waterialize is a theme in progress aiming to combine WordPress Gutenberg with Materialize CSS support, for materilize component usage within posts and pages. The theme is design will be fully PageSpeed complaint, and will be fully open-source, and will function as the base theme for the wprapid installer. Current progress supports pages, posts, categories, tags, and basic customizer changing. Example at dev.hiyh.tk.

wprapid is a bash script for cpanel servers to install WordPress using wp-cli. The script provides a stock wordpress, with automated security and optimization. This script is the lightweight predecessor to fasthardwp.sh and has been refined for general use.