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batch block 100644 225B
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recursive renamer 100644 239B
system stats 100644 798B
#batch block flexible batch IP blocking script, just paste a list of IPs and the script will complete a loop, works for unblocking with minor modifications. #file permissions simple find commands to set web permissions recursively, file path can be modified later #logs 5 different log search one liners for various logs like apache, cPanel access logs, ftp access logs, email logs, etc. #lookup looks up domain configuration information. Starts with A record IP, checks MX, runs IP check against host for mailing, shows SPF, and nameserver configuration for internal and authorative nameservers. second lookup command finds more domain information when SSH'd into the domain's cPanel server. #recursive renamer recursively renames .htaccess configurations to prevent redirects from interferinng with installation of SSLs, renames back in 21 minutes after DCV window is alotted. Also works for disabling persistent redirects. #system stats mega sar command to show a large report of system resources.